About Suze and Jenni

Suze Gadol Anderson’s main occupation is clinical social work. She received her Bachelors degree in Communication from the University of Texas in Austin. She attended theSuze Gadol Anderson University of Texas in Arlington for her Masters of Science in Social Work. Suze worked as a counselor inthe inpatient setting for mental health treatment for 9 years, then created anintensive outpatient program that she facilitated for 7 years. She also mentored numerous social workers as they created their own careers.

For years, many people said Suze would do great with her own private practice. It took 17 years for Suze to believe it herself. She launched Authentic Insights, Inc. in 2009 as President, with her husband Delayne Anderson as Secretary. In 2016, Suze and her family relocated to Oregon, and she became licensed to provide online counseling for all of Texas as well as all of Oregon.

Shortly thereafter, Suze and Jenni found themselves commiserating about what just happened after independently attending family events. They realized that no one seems to prepare mentally and psychologically for life events. This sparked ideas for creating processes for gaining faster insight. That led to the Insight Maximizers podcast, a podcast to share with others how to maximize their insight.

Suze currently lives in Oregon with her husband, youngest stepdaughter, son in law, granddaughter, three dogs, one cat and a bearded dragon named Jackson! Her eldest stepdaughter lives with her husband and dog Sandy in Fate, Texas.

Years of therapy and continued insight work help Suze to have fewer and fewer “What Just Happened?!” episodes!

Suze Gadol Anderson, LCSW

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Jenni Hubby is a professional certified coach. She loves her work because most of her clients are trailblazers and entrepreneurs. Another important part of her work is helping people see that their lives can be even better after recovering from addiction.

Jenni holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology, and she built a successful national sales career in payment processing systems. In 2008, after 15 years in sales, Jenni reinvented her career by transitioning into business development in the mental health treatment field. She has cultivated relationships with therapists, psychologists, and physicians all overJenni Hubby the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, building a valuable network that allows her to connect people with the care that they need. During this time, Jenni also got the “coaching bug” and knew that one day she would become a coach.

In 2016, Jenni registered for professional coach training with no idea how she could afford to leave her career and start her own business. She found herself so passionate about the process of coaching and how it helped her, that she found a way to launch Jhub Consulting Co. faster than she anticipated. Jenni is the President, and her husband, Meade Hubby, is the CFO.

Over the years, Jenni and Suze have discussed life’s experiences and surprises. They realized that they were onto something. Why not create a process to be mentally and emotionally prepared for anything? Part of being prepared is looking back at what just happened. That is how they learned to gain insight through processes that they created. To help others maximize their insight, they began the Insight Maximizers podcast.

Jenni lives in Flower Mound, Texas with her husband, Meade and their mix breed hound, Blaze. They have three grown daughters with families of their own, including two thoroughly enjoyed grandsons and a lot of pets in Austin and LA!

Jenni Hubby, PCC

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